My second Flash site


I’m starting my second flash site. I’ve attached a screenshot 'cause I’ve got it here with me and my swf is upstairs and is too big anyway :slight_smile:

So how do you guys like it ? Any suggestions ? A couple of things have to be changed, but it’s about the main layout.

looks better than what i could do from the screen shot. Cant wait to see the whole thing

The first thing that jumped out at me is that your background is the same as a Mac OSX desktop background. I would suggest changing that at risk of being labeled as very lazy and unoriginal.

I apologize in advance if in fact you took a screenshot of a transparent graphic that is to be used in your .SWF file. Which, now that I think about more, is probably the case.

I still have to add a decent background indeed :slight_smile:

your scrollbox is out of bound, and i dont really like the speakers (cos they are images not flash, but nah…)

Maybe you could customize the scrollbar to your own colors (theres a tut on…

otherwise looks like a nice clean flash site - which i like…

You are going to run into serious trouble when Apple Computers sues you for using their laptop backgrounds.

text is blurry