Need layout help

how can i make this effects like the ones on I’m tolking about the windows inside and how are they done.

Page not found error.

I suppose you’re talking about the main page though, right?

I can’t exactly help with that, but that site is pretty neat man!
Good Luck.


arent those loading movie clips or just nested movie clips?

I am talking about the things that i marked.

yup…those are either loaded movie clips (external swf) or just nested movie clips…

Dude… footer?
[swf="…/violation.swf height=40 width=260"][/swf]
300 X 60?

cocoj…change your footer, before we have to do it :beam:

Seifertim, u too.

*Originally posted by Sharif *
**Seifertim, u too. **

What’s wrong with my footer? I’m right at 300X60, not a single pixel above… :h:

When you posted the “footer does not adhere to guidelines” flash footer, compare it to urs :).


My bad, I found out that footer is 40 x 260! Sorry :ne:.


his footer is cool…the guidelines footer is a bit small i believe.