Need More Feedback

Hi All,

After hearing some comments about my latest work on the SOTW forum, I found it to be somewhat insuficient feedback and I was hoping that an open thread will yield better and more insightful responses so I can maybe improve the site and come back for another round at the SOTW or simply just wait for the next project…Any and ALL comments welcome.

Thank you all in advance, here is the link:

Destination: ISS

I’m not too crazy over the graphics. For some reason the graphics look a little dead. I would expect much more realistic graphics for a nasa site.

By that I mean the whole interface looks sort of one colored and plastic? I hope you understand - it’s hard to explain.

I really loved it…

The images are great, I mean they should be… I suppose you got them from nasa… he he. Nice thing there with the map, telling you exactly where in the ISS the module you’re looking at is located… NICE!

the only thing that struck me as ‘cheap’ was the main buttons, the rollover animation. Thats it, the rest is very superb.

It’s very nice, but those grills on the left and right of the page look a little 2d and tacky in comparison to the quality of the rest of the page. The button music could be a little softer maybe? And the page does kinda have that overall plasticcy shine to it, like Sharif said. But it looks really good overall! (I am being picky with my criticism thats all).

Thanks for all your comments so far. It seems that improving the rollovers is the main thing. The plastic look of the interface is intentional. Good call on the “grills” insomniac I’ll see if I can further improve those.

Any more coments?

Nav buttons:

Personally I don’t like that pixelfont… never have. But… aside from that. When you click on a link to start the transition I think would look a lot better if it was smoother.

After the transition is done… Home and Credits are soooo close to your nav border, might want to bump them down.

When you activate a section I’ve noticed that you still get the hand when you hover over the button of the section that is activated, I would consider taking that off.

The darker grey part under the main part is really choppy, I can’t tell what’s supposed to be going on. Looks like an inset, or a far shadow… doesn’t really fade off well. With that you should make the edge sharp and not blurred too.

Maybe bump up the words international space station at the top up 1 or 2 px

Really good site, nice transitions, the concept is right on key too, only minor things IMO.

Thanks all for the comments. I will See what can be done to better the site in the areas mentioned except for subjective things. I Appreciate the time taken to look and comment on my work.