NO! CA lawyer tries to ban Oreos (in CA)

that monster!


Our Governor just said he wants to raise DMV rates $140 per yr on avg…

And the Dir of DPT (parking) said he has asked his “crew” to write an additional 45,000 tickets in the next 90 days, in hope to raise and additional $6 million…

and they want to take away our Oreos Too?

Let’s march on Sacramento!
Lost, you with us? I know we can count on Philbo and Jubba…
Heck, maybe we can get Guigo to come to the Northern Hemisphere for a march…



He’s just a loser lawyer trying to make a name. He probably assumed kraft would pay him a few thousand just so he’d shut up, but since they didn’t, I’m guessing he’s just trying to get his name on (who cares about :)).

actually, it’s the trans-fat thing. Being real bad for you and all…

They are saying they went after Nabisco because they market to children.

Yeah, right…



Haha, I friend beamed it on my pda today in school… :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by reverendflash *
Lost, you with us? I know we can count on Philbo and Jubba…
Heck, maybe we can get Guigo to come to the Northern Hemisphere for a march… **

Pfff… I don’t live in CA what do I care :wink:

But I do think that is incredibly stupid.

Why don’t people ban something that we all hate… like Speedos?

And ban white people. Whitey’s always keeping me down. Oh, and while we’re at it, ban Mac’s. They’re evil. And you can’t start banning stuff without going into reality television.

if you analyze every food, Something it bad in some minor way or another… ANd the reason why people are getting Fat on these cookies are because they eat like 4 boxes and then complain! Ive never yet heard of a kid over dosing on cookies and creme…

“Beeeeeeeep* WERE LOSING HIM!!! QUICK GIMME 30 CC’s of Chips-a-hoy!!”

bahahahahhahaha, oh my god, suing nabisco cause they market to children??? what are we not allowed to market ANYTHING to children anymore. and it’s not really the children buying the foods, it’s their parents and parents exist to exercise control over what their children do. why oh why does this s h i t keep happening?

Soon we’ll start seeing TRUTH commercials…

“It was found in a memo from a nibisco executive plans to market to children. It states ‘Lets put cookies and milk on our tv commercials, and show kids eatting cookies with milk. They cant resist milk.’ Guess whos mooing now.”

lol =)

oh for craps sake. we all know that fat and cookies and stuff are bad for you. if you dont wanna get fat from them, then dont eat em. thats like saying, hrmm, you can get high from morning glorys, so lets sue nature for making them.

exactly. =) lets out law running too, it gives most people a high…
oh and we cant forget about exercising, that really is dangerous, all that strenious activity…

lol hes a Moron.

Well if you think about it, Phillip Morris, (now Altria) has a history of marketing harmful products, to children even. Im not sure that Phillip Morris/Kraft/Nabisco makes anything that is actually healthly or good for you. i.e. Miller Beer, Marlboro Cigs, Oscar Meyer Lunchables, Philladelphia Cream Cheese, Kool-Aid…

Not exactly health food if you ask me.

Yes! this is awesome! Everyone check out this Flash Animation:

Genetically Engineered Food Alert Coalition

I’ve been wanting to make something like this! Freakin Awesome!! :alien:

haha, i didn’t believe it at first. i can’t believe kraft is doing that to us…and after all those boxes of macaroni and cheese…why kraft? WHY?

if it makes the food healthier go for it…gives me less guilt eating it

Why: because a sick and dying population is profitable. Follow the money trail.

But it isn’t a “fat is bad for you” battle.

This is based on Transfatty Acids, which they have recently proven to be extremely hazardous to your health.

What they don’t say, is that <i>any</i> hydrogenated oil contains transfatty acids… so… margerine, most bread products, most snack foods, veg shortning (Crisco), most spreads, etc. is extremely bad (carcinogen) for you…

However, this means butter is okay again, since it only has cholesterol, and no transfatty acids, whereas margerine raises your cholesterol as much as butter, plus causes cancer…

Go buttah…


its funny how the FDA can demonize certain foods, and then give you a substitute that is far worse.

Its like, “Oh no! Sugar is bad for you; here’s Nutrasweet with extra Apsartame! Eat Up, get sick, and go to the doctor; our Pharmacuetical Giants are depending on you…”