Noob finished first website

Ok guys, got my first website done, mostly html, with some flash thrown in there. Lemme know what can be done better and stuff like that.

Theres no layout to it… its just thrown out there.

It’s a good site but there is not layout. sorry.

here’s are some things that i thought could use some improvement in order of importance

  1. make it all fit on a normal screen resolution, nobody likes to have to scroll sideways

  2. smaller fonts, it’s too agresive and obtrusive

  3. make it more organized

Hey there,

I gave your site a look over, and it’s a good start. There’s one thing I’m wondering about: When your content loads up, you have a flash menu. After clicking one of the main links, you switched to a dhtml menu. I’d try to pick one or the other and stick with it, just so you have some site consistency. Generally speaking, if your navigation is going to be html/dhtml, you make the switch after your flash intro. This is how it’s done generally, but really it’s up to you.

On the good side: It doesn’t take long to load, and it’s easy to use.

Keep truckin’ along,


i agree

This is mdidpis very first post on this forum!!!

how you found this i dont know!

The search button below your post. The grey one.

If you click it, it shows all your posts, and if you go to the very last post on the last page, that will be your very first post on this forum :slight_smile: