What do you all think? I know the actual content of the site is a bit bare, but that’s still being added. :slight_smile:


My personla oppinion is, that it is a tad too grey…

Maybe add a toned down background pic! :slight_smile:

That’d be sweet! =)

Hmm, what do you mean by that? Like, an actual image, or…?

Or a silhouette of some cartoonish city perhaps :slight_smile:

Lots of possibilities…! =)

Dangit, I suck at that kinda’ stuff, lol. I think I have an idea though, as you what your talking about. :goatee:

Mabye add more colored wires or pannels. It is quite grey. Nice site though. Is your content loaded from exteranl SWF’s?

you should change the font for your preloader labels. ,
Cus it’s comming out as Times new roman, (if you are using a different font, make sure you embed them so other people who don’t have that font will be able to see it as it is supposed to be seen).

I agree, you should add some more details to it., like some graphics and stuff

No, my content is just in a movie clip with labeled frames (about, etc)

Embedding a font? :q:
I’ve never heard of that, :x

I’ll look into all that, thanks guys!