Playstation 4 - No Discs Needed?

PlayStation 4 to drop discs?
Sony lets slip its vision for the PS3’s successor… sort of.

You can stop worrying about whether to buy a Blu-ray player or hold your horses for HD-DVD – Sony says by the time PlayStation 4 rolls around we won’t need discs at all!

This juicy nugget of next-gen info comes courtesy of Phil Harrison, Sony’s president of worldwide studios.

“I’d be amazed if the PlayStation 4 has a physical disc drive,” he told Wired magazine – which means that we could have ditched Blu-ray in the next five or six years, grabbing games and movies by broadband instead.

It’s a tempting prospect, but of course we’ll need a massive broadband upgrade before getting Hi-Def flicks down the phone line.

Still, it’s a tempting prospect, and just what we need to take our mind off the three month wait to PS3!

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I know its nothing official and its like another 6/7/8 Years away, but think about it really, You could kinda see this coming a few years ago with the way that ‘Online Music’ is going (Example: Apples iStore or whatever it is).

Another example could be Xbox Live for the 360. You can download anything of there, Game Demos, Xbox Live Arcade Games and even Videos for just random things, theres not much stopping Microsoft from just uploading a Full 360 Game onto the server for download and to the value of like 20,000 MS Points.

But then think about it again, imagine how hard this will effect EB Games and other similar game store outlets. Where would they make there money? Pretty much just the console sales and extra hardware accesories, it would really shake things up I think,

Personally I like the idea of being able to download a movie/game/music all in the access of my own home, it would be great for when theres nothing to do at 3am in the morning :smiley: