Poll About The Name Of Our Project

OK, I can’t wait, I’m launching the poll.:ninja:

placed my vote for filenotfound.org :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

fnf sounds good to me. i can already picture a logo…

lol, pom. i just noticed your descrition

spawn more overlords
are you big on starcraft/brood wars?

Trying to. But I’m facing the starving/parched donkey dilemma (which can’t decide and eventually dies of hunger and thirst): I’m no good with the Terrans (too many units), the Zergs suck (they’re ugly and weak) and the Protoss… well, I don’t find any excuse right now. So I don’t know to which race I should devote my poor being. Ah la la…

You play brood war too?

pom :zerg:

yeah, i used to, then i stopped a couple months ago. once you get really experienced, you’ll notice that all three races can be pretty equal in some aspects. you just need to be really fast.

I stopped playing that game a year or so ago. I used to be pretty decent with all three races. Speed is the key, so you can make the larger units faster. I used to be awesome at zerg. Now I’m lucky if I could beat a single-player mission…

I voted for filenotfound :slight_smile:

hell yeah, i think we have a name

Yep! =)
How about that logo, Thor?

pom :asian:

I just checked the WHOIS database and it says filenotfound.com is already taken. filenotfound.net is available though. I guess that would work right?

Kirupa :rambo:

bwhahahahaAHAHAHHAA i voted for flashturbators…it just sounds so funny! anyways i think filenotfound is an excellent choice because it is an excellent play on words…many phrases can be made with that! CheerS! where have i heard that from…
:bandit: :pirate: :evil:

what phrases…

dunno just thought it sounded professional… :nerd:

File not found that’s sound fine to me… But what project? what is Our Project?


Sometimes the best solutions come from the most unlikely beginnings…

Well I’ve added my vote - I’ve gone for calling your site filenotfound, although I will admit I was sorely tempted to opt for flashturbators.

Hmm, that sounds dodgy. I’ll stop there, methinks.

This is probably a majority Phil! FNF won, wohoo!!! :ninja:

Kirupa :rambo:

What now? I think we should design a logo. Or probably define what exactly we want to do, who’s gonna do it, how, with whom (we could make teams! I wanna be with Supra =)) and everything.

pom :asian:

speaking or which, where is supra? i haven’t seen him around.

and who is this supra fella or gal? i am out of the loop once again. and what do u mean its probably a majority…? it IS a majority…i voted for flashturbators because i always vote for the underdog but my choice would have been fnf otherwise. good luck on your project!

Supra is our own Master Yoda. The force is very strong with him. But I think that Anakin is gonna kick his ass in Episode 3.

pom :asian: