Psycho test ;)




thats funny I also got 5/10

8/10 :slight_smile:


10/10 :a:

What the hell does this guy know about psychos, a test can’t prove anything. I am going to go kill this dirty bastard, thinking he can judge me and call me a psycho!!!

8/10 for me I got Ed Gein and John Christie wrong.

hm…let’s do a similar test with the mods…:evil:


hmh…a little bit too much killers! I thought they were programmers!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


6/10 :slight_smile:

6/10 here too :!: :beam:

8/10. Pretty good; it seems you know your Java beans from your fava beans, your slashers from you slashdotters.


7/10 :slight_smile:


7/10 :stuck_out_tongue: I bet some of them were both

8/10 for me…

Thor, how do you propose a mod version?

“Kirupa - programmer or serial killer?”
“Ilyas - AS Guru or Iraqui Tank Commander?”

I think he was thinking… Mod or not :sure:

  • Soul :s:

Wasn’t it? God, I’m not with it, it would appear. :stuck_out_tongue: