[rant] Safety infraction

Today i get off the train and go to my car in the parking lot of the public transit. I get to my ride and notice a large (12"x6") card on my dash. Apparently, i left my doors unlocked and the police check car doors in the lot. They found my doors unlucked, they proceeded to put this giant yellow card on my dash, and then left my car unlocked.

As far as I’m concerned this program is a joke. I mean, they might as well have put a huge yellow sticker on my windsheild that says: “This car is unlocked;)”.

First of all, they actually gained access to my car, which is illegal unless i give them consent. At the very least they probably put a thing in the paper. Unfortunatley i drive about an hour just to get to the train. It’s not in my paper.

I have called the police sargent and complained and let him know that:
[]This is a retarded program and serves no purpose, i beleive they are actually increasing the ease of stealing a car.
]They gained illegal entry to my automobile, It doesn’t matter if they wear a badge. Regional police officers are very low in the order of people i trust.
[]There is definately not a shortage of things for the police to do in Oshawa. It would be nice for them to do something productive if the public is paying their wage.
]They stole my weed.(just kidding:D)[/LIST][/rant]