Russian School Siege

Commandos stormed a school Friday in southern Russia and overcame separatist rebels holding hundreds of hostages as crying children, some naked and covered in blood, fled the building through explosions and gunfire. Health officials said more than 200 people died, the Interfax news agency reported.

Sigh…that’s just sad. Deliberately targeting a place where children are likely to be is just wrong - even if the separatists feel strongly that Russia owes them something. Besides the kids who died, I feel bad for the parents and the kids who could be psychologically damaged by this experience.


Killing a child is honestly the most disgusting crime I can think of murder itself is wrong but taking away a childs life before they even had a chance to live it makes me sick.

Just to play devils advocate here . . .

What if you met Hitler when he was just a tot?

Haha - I thought about that after watching the greatest philosophy movie of all time…Minority Report*. Is it worth killing someone pre-emptively, while they are innocent, if the death will save the lives of a 1000 in the future? :slight_smile:

No, I would have probably given little Adolf a few more Barbie dolls (or whatever was girlie at that time) and taken away the toy tanks and soldiers :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=1]*no - I actually never saw Minority Report. The trailer gave too much away.[/size]

If infact you did meet hitler as a tot and knew what was to come there are more appropriate actions then death everyone has a reason for doing what they did find it and it could potentially change that person as well as thousands of others future.

The point of terrorist is that they don’t value human life regardless of age. I mean look they don’t even value their own lives. To them killing me or you or 300 kids makes no difference. This is why diplomacy will never work. Take France for example. They have pandered to terrorist groups for years and what has it gotten them? French reports held hostage and threats of killing them if they don’t repeal thier Muslim headscarves rules at school. People are actually willing to kill others over a rule on headwear…

Butterfly Effect…even cooler than Minority Report.

The point of terrorist is that they don’t value human life regardless of age.

Agreed. It is a sick, sick world. Sadly how do you stop them/this type of action? If it was my daughter who was killed in that school, there would be no end to the destruction I would bring back upon the ones who caused it. But how would that really help? I don’t know, but I hope they spare NO mercy to the bastards that did this, it is pure EVIL. Yeah EVIL.

Not always. Sometimes, people are just plain bad. I know plenty of uber-respectable families that have turned out a little… um, can we swear on here? anyway, sure, they can be influenced by others, but they have to have it in them if it can grow. Maybe Hitler was one of these cases, maybe he wasn’t right in the head from birth, but then again, as you said, something could have MADE him that way…

I think I wouldn’t kill a young Hitler, regardless. I’d just isolate him. Sure, he wouldn’t be incredibly happy, but… was he happy anyway? And it’s better than all those lives.

I hear you, and I think taking the fight to them is the start. People who partake in these actions cannot be taught to stop, they must be destroyed.

You know, Hitler didn’t do all that stuff himself… Killing him could have just lead to another wack job taking up the fight. If he had been stopped when he first started rebuilding his army, then he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did. If he had been stopped when he first invaded Austria, then he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did. I think we learn from that which is why we stopped Saddam in the first Gulf War fom taking Kuwait.

Yeah I agree with you the disrespect for human life is absolutley disgusting and I also agree that they cannot be taught and must be destroyed but how i mean sure we could invade there countries and go through all this again but the fact is a year later they will have that many members again and perhaps more how can you stop something that keeps coming back usually the answer is take out the brains of the operation but as we saw with saddam it hurt the iraqi fighters but it didnt kill the resistance. Unfortunatley I dont think this is a problem which will be solved anytime soon if it is ever solved at all.

To be perfectly honest, i started bawling my eyes out while reading the news and seeing the images. What kind of cruel world is this where 200+ innocent school children are killed?

anyways, posted about this on another forum… here is where it’s at…

my condolensces to all involved… i hope they catch and kill the bastards that did this…

Even though the crime does sicken me to the bone and i feel sorry for, all the innocent people involved, you have too also fell sorry for the terroists.

they must have suffered alot to force them to kill children. Alot of people always go and say that the terroists are wrong, there must have been something to make them want to strike russia where it hurts the most. Rusian soldiers proberly kill innocent Chechans all the time while fighting, even children whom are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you saw this happening and other means of terroism didn’t work (ie, thearter seige, suiside bombings in moscow / thoes two planes) they would eventually try anything to bring the fight to the enemy.

i’m by no means condoning this act of violence, just wondering why people would be drived to such things, especially against children.

to force them to kill children

by making this statement you imply an empathy for them. So tell me then, what would it take to make you kill innocent children?

If Russian soldiers were to deliberately target children, I don’t think I can ever feel sorry for those specific soldiers who are part of the killing. Likewise, I have no remorse for the terrorists who went with the intention of harming children. Children aren’t a part of the conflict. They are even more removed from the conflict than most older, innocent civilians.

People being in the wrong place at the wrong time cannot be avoided during conflicts. Deliberate acts of violence towards individuals such as children are intolerable in my view.


First off i wouldn’t kill any innocent children, unless by total accident (ie, car crash or something).

how every you would have to deel some empathy for them, for someone to be so hatefull to target children in such a violent way, they must have had there own experience, there are alot of peopel dying in places like chechnia (sp?) every day but it never makes the news because it is the normal over there. as soon as it happens to one of our allies as a terroist attack it is all over the news. I’m just thinking, for them. As they are people too and i believe all people have good in them, but they have been conditioned by their experiences to do violent acts.

As they are people too and i believe all people have good in them, but they have been conditioned by their experiences to do violent acts.

You have the classic leftist response.
Listen close: there is NO excuse or reasoning behind this action, this is pure EVIL. This is wrong and there is NO justification for it. You must not have children of your own, but maybe you can picture your mother or brother or sister running naked from those machine guns. Feeling sorry for them is pure ignorance, do you feel sorry for Jeffrey dammer, charles manson or Hitler? Perhaps gang members who kill innosence everyday? Perhaps you have never lost anyone close to violent means… I don’t know but I do know what I would do if it was my child and feeling sorry for the evil bastards who did it is’nt one of them.

i never said it was right whathey did, i think it is the worst thing posible to do, but i wonder what would cause someone to do something like this, and i bet the people whom did this didn’t actually get born then immediatly become evil and decide that they would attack a russian school. they would have been suffering under russian occupation, resisting it at any chance posible, fighting, seeing family and friends die, getting brainwashed by extreemist propigander etc… and when i say i feel sorry for them i don’t mean they shouldn’t be punished ( i think they should be locked away for ever time in a russina prison) but i do have empathy for them i feel that they still had a choice but they were fighting for what they beleived in, even if it was in the worst way posible, they proberly tought they had no choice.

-btw i don’t see myslef as a leftisit, actually i find myself mid way favouring the right in alot of issues, but saying that they were born evil isn’t right! no one is. and just because you do an evil deed doesn’t make you evil.

just because you do an evil deed doesn’t make you evil.

LMAO, so if I commit a crime it does’nt make me a criminal? You’re comming up with excuses for inexcusable acts. You don’t have to think like them always, sometimes a walrus is just a walrus. I never said they were born evil, and evil is a term like criminal. I understand your perspective and I am glad you are around to deliver it, but when people with my perspective step in and nail these bastards n*** against the wall, I hope you give us the same respect. I never want to see this happen again, and if we did not have people who sat around to try and understand them like you, it would happen again. So thank you in that context for your opinion, I hope you can see and respect mine.