Russian School Siege

thank you for that, i respect all opinions and i do hope that

people with your perspective step in and nail these bastards n*** against the wall

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That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

i had to stop watching the news at the gym today…almost started crying…those poor kids - wish i could have been there to help them…


So was there any deaths or just injuries after Putin gave the command for the army to burst in?

200 deaths … i found out from an oline news source, stupid australia with no news saturday mornings (except sbs international news)

i heard that the Russians didn’t order to act on anything - something happened inside, and they were forced to react?

yeah i think a group of students broke free, causing the terroists attack and one or two blew themslevs up casuing the russians to attack.

I just watched 7 News, yes your right Byrnzie, 200 deaths and rises by the hour. I cannot believe the cruelty the children faced, reports said that the children were forced to drink urine because of thirst. Two consecutive bombs were blown up by the rebels which made some children tried to escape and so they went on a killing spree which forced the soldiers to fire upon. The Rebels beated up the children and did they strip the children? because most of them were nearly naked! Then the rebels tries to escape, COWARDS. ShoOT then ALl! :scream:

If i was super sayian Goku, omg someone just line those rebels up for me and make way for a spirit bomb. :skull:

For the children: rest in peace. :angel:

A bad case of schizophrenia and my whole family dead, not counting the repression on my country (Chechnia/Russia) and hapless counts of violence, rapes and murder of my fellow citizens. That could do the trick I guess.

i heard that the Russians didn’t order to act on anything - something happened inside, and they were forced to react?

There also are rumors that the Russian forces made a big hole into one of the school’s walls to go save the kids, but their discretion wasn’t up to the task, and the terrorists blew up the gymnasium (they set up bombs on different pillars, mining the whole building to prevent an attack such as this). Lastest count says 250 deads, at least 10 terrorists dead.

What I find really disturbing in this story is the russian disinformation from the beginning. At first, it was 200 kids and 10 terrorists (that was 4 days ago). Then, it was 300 kids and 15 terrorists. And finally, up to 1500 persons (kids and their parents) and at least 40 terrorists. They tried to put the lid on the boiling casserole…

No, the hostages were naked because the terrorists actually heated the school to a maximum and forbade the hostages to access water and food.

That lack of compassion on Putin’s face and the way the russian media handled this is scary.

very true… we have to remember that the terrorists are an extreme minority that does not reflect chechen society…

that region has been through some terrible times and has a worthy cause. it worries me now that people will see that cause as undeserving because of the atrocities committd by these few…

as per usual the good, peaceful campains and peace talks between russia and the chechens is not often reported. people will only remeber these events. however note that the russians will not go and nuke a whole region because of the actions of a few extremists… because in europe we have dealt with terroroism for a long time and realise that this is not the way

one of the kids said that they forced the kids to sit in a circle, planted explosives around said circle, and then detonated them…

and as far as the chain of events, they said something like one kid tried to escape, the russians saw the kid went to help them, terrorists started blowing the charges, russians reacted and went in

I heard from the radio this whole day [I was on a long trip back home], that Al-Qaeda was connected with that too.

I don’t think negotiation like Boston globe suggested is gonna work, how you negotiate with people that killed children? What would you negotiate with them?

[ot][s]There is nothing like an ex-KGB chief to be head of a country! While I read some disturbing stuff about him such as clampdowns on the press, weird re-election mishaps, blackmailing corporations, jailing critics, etc., the following quote makes up for it:

“Why don’t you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks, ask him what he wants and give it to him so he leaves you in peace?” he asked sarcastically in a meeting with journalists.
( )[/s][/ot]

I was reluctant to post on such a sensitive subject for a while, I just got off the phone with my aunt who was hystericly crying. It’s a tragedy that has befallen my country. While there are enough blame for the death of the children to go around to just about everyone, from the Russian goverment to the armed parents who Russian Soldeirs described as the “idiotic third force” (Civilians ‘began siege shooting’)

This shows us that despite best intentions we can seriously SNAFU the operation. And even though my first reaction to any retaliation was “waste the f***ers!” I realize an emotion based responce will just generate more violence ala Israel style , but I do realize that Negotiations will leave Russsia lacking in authority, it will endanger Russian credibility even more in that part of the world and in all honesty the killed deserve better.

The responce must be calculated and completle cold. We must acheive maximum goals with minimum casualties and minimum excuse for the chechen rebels(or otherwise) to seek revenge. I sadly realise that we Russians are good at finding people on who to take revenge, even if they are not guilty at all, Ala Cheney "…someone is going to pay!"
But that is in part why we have cars and bombs going off left and right. We’ve done enough dumb moves, all we need now is a foolish random attack and kill someone elses children, and end up being almost as bad as the Terrorists. This can be our chance, to force security, and crack-down mesures on Chechneya and other states, using nationa unity and global sympathy we can finaly acheive some goals. But I don’t want Putin to piss away his political capital ala Bush style without achieving what we need to do. And in the end solving nothing.

Putin said that anyone criticizing the russian handling of the Beslan crisis will be treated as an accomplice of the terrorists (Le Monde - dated 8th sept 2004). This is as scary as the crisis itself. No more free voice. Who is not with us is against us.
I personally think that Putin is a dictator in a democracy, it’s a sad sad world.

RB> mmmh, the handling of the Chechnia war is probably worst -sorry if it shocks some of you- than the 350 deads at Beslan. You don’t end up being almost as bad as the terrorists (who do really not deserve a capital letter…), you’re already worst in many aspects… And we all are, because no one is voicing a different opinion, though I wish we all did.

A response, of a response, of a response, of a response. It all goes on down the line, that’s life, and we’re all guilty.

Amen to that.
and what’s really terrifying is that what you said applies also to the “one super power” only on a larger scale and is affecting not just one nation but the whole world.

God help us all.

Just wondering, in a lot of the footage of the firefight, it looks like armed civilians were running into the building along with the Russian forces. Was that actually planned? For in one article on msnbc, a few witnesses state that the civilians accidentally may have killed a few Russian troops.