--Section Suggestions--

Hey Kirupa,

I don’t know if you can, or will want to do this, but I have suggestions on new sections…

<B>FIRST:</B> I think under Help you should add a section for HTML/Javascript help. For those people that need help on the HTML side of Flash, but have nowhere to post the question.

<B>SECOND:</B> Also, halfway out of sarcasm and halfway serious, possibly a Chromeless Windows section (also under help). We seem to get <B><I>SO</I></B> many questions referring to them, I figured if it had its own section, people might actually look there and get their answer before posting a redundant question.

<B>THIRD:</B> For the site of the week section, could you possibly change that to SOTW instead of Cool Sites. Too many people post in there for comments and suggestions on their work in progress Flash site. I figured…possibly if you change it to SOTW, people would see that and post in the Site Check section instead.

Hey lost,
Thanks for the suggestions! I will do that.

Kirupa :rambo:

Thats a phatty new footer ya got there lostinbeta!

Kirupa: Thanks for considering my suggestions! I figured it would help eliminate confusion and reduce redundant questions.

Dan: Thanks for the compliment on the footer. Your footer is phatty bo batty also.

I’m not sure if I agree with a Chromeless window section, (though I find the prospect pretty funny)… I am at the point though where I think the a/s forum is redundent and confusing. Half of the posts in there are MX specific, half are not, and there’s no sorting through which are which. Personaly I think that we would lose nothing by going with the two main 5.0 and MX forum and leaving it at that.

oh yeah… I forgot to mention your footer ‘LIB’. Very sweet.

Thanks david:)

I don’t fully agree with the chromeless section either, that is why I said I was half sarcastic and half serious with that. I mean, people don’t ever run a search for what they need, so I figured with a chromeless section staring them in the face, how could they lose!

Besides, if Kirupa adds an HTML/Javascript section, the chromeless questions can be posted in there.

Good point david, I do agree with nixing the Actionscript section. I get confused so much when trying to sort out who is using MX and who is using 5. Isn’t the point of the Flash 5 and Flash MX sections for people to post actionscript and other various questions on those versions?

Hey lost,
Yep. Help will become HTML/JavaScript because that’s what most questions are anyway. I’ll get that taken care of once I get back from school.

Kirupa :rambo:

Thanks Kirupa:)

That HTML/javascript section thingy is Great!
nice footer and ideas lostinbeta

Thanks Syko. I just added the reflected text last night (Thursday night), and boy was that a pain. It took me forever to get it close enough together to at least look like a reflection.

I finally figured out that my break tags weren’t required. I guess this forum automatically converts next lines into a break tags.

Hey Lost,
Cool footer! Just wondering, the font you used inside your footer is coming off too small on my PC. Did you intend for that to be so (cuz that’s cool), or did you use a font that I don’t have installed on my sytem? The reason I am asking is because I used to use a font on my footer that looked cool but was horrible when I viewed it from a PC that did not have that font installed.

Kirupa :rambo:

I am using a pixel font. I forgot to embed the font. I fixed that just now, hopefully that helps. Let me know if it does or not, since it works for me with no problem, I can’t tell…

That is one sweet footer! Dude… your text is ultra small, and I have a 21 inch monitor. Cool, cool footer.

Ok, so embedding the font didnt work. I decided to change the font to Verdana. I believe that Verdana is installed with windows and mac operating systems since it is in my windows and was on my mac in my animation/desktop publishing/web design class (I installed the OS on that system, so it was there from the get go).

Thanks for the compliments everyone! Hopefully the text thing works better than it did with the bitmap font.

Hey kirupa, I noticed you changed it up on the forum:) Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration.

<B>EDIT:</B> May I ask what you all like about my footer? I dunno, maybe my ego wants to hear it or something, but I have been getting TONS of compliments on it and I am wondering why. It doesn’t use any fancy shmancy difficult actionscript, just basic mouse follow with inertia. It is kind of a cocky and ignorant question to ask, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be noticed as well as it was, so I am confused…Thank you.

Two words: simple & different.
As usual, that’s all you need for something good.

Its very simple and elegant (just like eyez said hehe). The thing I liked the most is that the foreground moves at a different speed than the background. That is really pretty realistic and nifty at the same time. It’s just cool =)

Kirupa :evil:

Thanks again everyone:)

yeah I’ll agree… it is very simple, but very organic/alive feeling… just something about it that grabs you. Well done!


Well, it is just perfectly done, Lost. The different scroll speed, the blur in the background, the text reflexion. Very elegant, very good taste. Bravo! :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian: