Shootings In Md/va

[SIZE=1]There was yet another one today. 50yds from a state
trooper working an accident in the rain.

I don’t know how many of you are close to this, but I live just
north of all this, and my wife drives through and works near the
areas of these shootings.

She works 7p-7a tonight, tomorrow, and sunday…

I’m not very happy right now. :frowning:


hey i live in motgomery county

Hey I don’t live too far away from all this either. I also have a cabin in Maryland isn’t too far from it all.

It is just fukked up what people do. I could go into what I think should be done to the person who is killing as these people, but I don’t want to start a controversial argument.

I have family that is closer to it than I am.

That is quite a conspiracy theory. I for one wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Not my area really.

Not sleeping for days won’t help me think straight either so I am not going to get into a discussion right now. I will read what people have to say here, but I don’t think I am going to participate (unless I feel controlled enough to).

That man has to be crazy. I don’t think he works for the government… or if he does, he’s not doing this on government’s request. If it is the case, then America’s the sickest country in the world… :frowning:

Well either way, someone has got to be pretty sick to be doing that.

What is it? 8 victims so far?

Actually Phil, for once I may almost agree with you. When I first heard about all of this, I thought about the possibility that the shooter was government trained. I’m not saying that he is doing the governments will, but he/she may have had the training. However, it doesn’t take a lot of training to kill a civilian, even one that is 50 yds from a state trooper. Just a good scope and a steady hand…

Well, the possibility exists, however I see it as unlikely…

Its all progress…

To all of you that have loved ones in the area, I am sorry, and I hope they are all right.


Am I wrong, or have all of the shootings happened on a weekday?

As far as your “Purchasing gasoline OR using a vehicle that has purchased gasoline” connection, wouldn’t any vehicle other than electric fall into this category? Was the 13yr old pumping gas, or standing on an oil slick? I think that particular connection is way too vague.

I do think that the shooter is either gov trained, or a dependant of one (a father could teach this to a 12 yr old). I do agree that the tarot card was a ruse… too coincidental, and then “leaked” when there has been no other leaks?


Yeah it’s really a mess, Here in Belgium everyone is talking about it!


Phil -

While I see your connection, I still think it is a bit to encompassing.:nerd:

With the consistencies you and I have noted, the only safe people are pedestrians, and those who go out on weekends:P

As I said, a bit too vague:-\

Unfortunately we may never know why… Some people think that David Berkowitz was not the “Son of Sam.”

To everyone who has friends and family in the area, my best wishes for you and yours:goatee:

By all means, look for more patterns…:cool:


[size=1]and way off base…
not too sure I should have started this thread now.


Unfortunately (sometimes), thats the way things work on the forum. Posts often lose their focus as the thread goes. We all understand why you started it, and we all sympathize, but sometimes people like to voice their opinions. :-\

My heart goes out to the victims of this person… :*(

it’s just terrible. all the shootings have been around my home. schools don’t let children play outside anymore, cops circle campuses telling those who are outside to go in, people in general don’t want to go outside anymore, i for one am pissed as ****. he is as insane can get. he shot a 13-year old kid. who has the nerve to do this kind of thing? innocent people are now dead for no reason. one of the victims was 53-year old who just so happened to be in the area for a business trip. he was from philly and was a father of 6. i truly grief for his family and those of the victims.

i had a strange feeling that this could be linked to terrorism in a way. with the country’s security in peril, i wouldn’t see why not. i’m pretty sure it’s pretty hard to purchase a sniper rifle these days, so they should start working on finding out who purchased one recently. i hope one day he accidentally jams his rifle up his own a$s.

I’m pretty sure you can buy any gun on the market at a “gun convention” w/o even having to get a background check.

and if I’m not mistaken, there has not been a shooting comitted with a “registered” assault rifle. Most people who would go to this extreme would not bother to register his/her gun.:evil:

It is still legal to own fully automatic weapons in Nevada:x

It would not be hard to buy anything in Reno, and then transport it to where ever you wanted to.:evil:

But this is again off-topic, since this wasn’t a thread on gun control:nerd:


Also, just to add…A sniper rifle isn’t necessarily being used. This psyco could just be using a regular hunting rifle, availible in any Wal-Mart…just fix a scope on it and you have a decent gun with decent range as long as you have decent aim…so it would be harder to find the owner of the weapon…

my theory is that it is a local person in the md/va area. This is due to the relative locations of the shootings, and due to the fact that they only have occured on weekdays (the shooter may be with his/her family on weekends, and not want to draw attention to him/herself.:-\

this isn’t to say he/she isn’t working for a foreign gov’t, or just a wacko with a bone to pick…

I also wouldn’t doubt if this shooter is a member of some survivalist faction trying to make a point of some kind:evil: they would have the most access to modified/unusual for the average american weapons, and how to use them well.


alright, this is getting closer to home: the latest shooting was at a home depot that we usually go to. plus my aunt works at that exact home depot. i also have a really good idea of where he shot from since i’m familiar with the area. i hope they catch this bastard soon. i live maybe 3 miles from this place.

i want to say “be careful” but that sounds kind of senseless, given this guy’s technique. maybe, “keep moving” ???

Going to Maryland Thursday. Wish me luck!!!

Ok, so it isn’t in that exact area, but you never know…