Should I just switch to MX?

I have been using flash5 and learing action script, but it seems that everyone is moving to flash MX, should I just switch over and follow the wave?

I would say yes, especially with MX’s capability to import video!

MX with actionscript in my opinion is better. The only thing I dislike about MX, is its annoying interface, but as you use it, it becomes more and more tolerable. It takes a lot of getting used to though, it is a big change from 5 in that aspect.

yeah i really am not fond of the interface. it looks nicer but i think the windowed ways of flash 5 were much easier to navigate especially since i could hit tab and make all the palettes disappear. i don’t seem to be able to do that in mx. aside from that i really like mx a lot better i actually got the whole mx studio and i think it is a really nice upgrade and woth the $. the whole studio (flash, fireworks, dreamweaver, freehand and coldfusion) retails for about $800 US and you can get a student version for $200 US which in my opinion is a far better deal than the crap adobe is calling packages these days. anyway to answer your question … flash mx is a nice upgrade although if you have no specific use for the new features then maybe just stick with flash5