Site Check!

Hey guys,
I wouldn’t mind if you helped me with suggestions on my site!
Reply back to this post with comments please! Site is stillUnder Construction this is just the layout!
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The below is only my opinion, so don’t be offended!

First thing - I really don’t like your choice of colours. The green with the grey is not easy on the eyes, and black text on a dark grey background is very hard to read.

Secong thing - from a design point of view, the ‘clutter’/ ‘unclutter’ functions doesn’t serve any purpose. When you start the site it obscures part of the text. Neither does the random movement of the menu(?) items. When they started moving I just tried to get them to stop.

Granted the actionscript powering the items is cool - it just seems to be there for the sake of it rather than fulfilling a purpose. The movement isn’t actually adding any interactivity to the menu - it just detracts from it.

I do like the fractal based logo clip though - very funky.


We were just testing actionscript it wasn’t are perminant menu or layout, Thoriphes is coming out with some cool stuff I haven’t even posted on my server yet!

Hey dan,
All comments are positive! Even Bishop’s comments are positive. Comments (good or bad) are needed during the early starting of a site. You should have heard the comments that people had about my site when I first started. (To keep the G rating, I will not post any of them hehe)

Dan, I think you and thoripes are onto a great idea. I’m sure your site will do well. You have to define what your site is going to be about: usability or coolness. Right now your site is on the coolness category. I’m sure a lot of ActionScript developers will appreciate the effort needed to create effects such as that.

If you are trying to get the average newbie or people seeking help or advice, your site needs to fulfill the usability guidelines. BishopB did a good job summarizing the major gripes that are affecting the usability. I’m sure once the actual text and links get placed, the site will rock!

all comments being positive, does it mean if you dont get any comments / reply’s to your posts that it must be tripe?

I dont want any essay’s just a couple of one liners will suffice (see previous thread) :slight_smile:


I erased that part from the message cause I felt I was wrong :frowning:

You guys are just trying to help me and I guess not enough positive information makes me not be a nice guy!

Well, I didn’t see what you said before you edited your post, but in any case don’t worry about it.

Believe me, when I first posted my site I got some bad comments as well - you’ve gotta just take it on board.

You can’t learn if you don’t - and what better way then using web users to test your site!