Site of the week submission

site of the week submission…

thanks for your consideration!

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Very nice, Jennifer. Lots of space in the site, nice colors, it’s really beautiful to look at. And I like the menu. :slight_smile: If I remember correctly, you posted here some time ago, didn’t you?

pom :asian:

Thanks! Glad you like the site. Any input would be great. I am actually working on some more sound for the site.

A actually didn’t submit before, but posted in another forum a while back for help with some code.

Yep, that sound you have now is pretty weird :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t put too many sounds, please. One very good thing about your site is that it loads instantly ([SIZE=1]instantaneously maybe? I don’t know… well it loads fast[/SIZE]).

pom :elderly:

it’s beautiful - funky and corporate not an easy combination

very nice:)

I like the fact that you used an aliased font, but in a readable size.=)

I like the bug at the top:P

I liked the menu animation=) smooth, useable, intuitive:) :slight_smile:

and it did load instantaneously:evil:

nice job, I’m envious:cool:


OK, let me try it. Instantaneously. Correct?

Hey Jennifer,
Your site is one of the best Flash sites I have seen. There was plenty of content and, like someone else mentioned, great use of an aliasing font. Some of the work you and your team has done is really nice as well. Also, The dragonfly really adds a nice uniqueness to the site:cowboy:

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:

Kirupa C:-)

Thanks so much for all the compliments! They are great to hear after working on it for so long. I am glad you like the site! Thanks again, Jennifer

This has got to be the fastest SOTW ever. Posted 10/9 at 6:27 pm, SOTW 10/10 at 10:00.

Congratulations, you deserve it.

hehe yeah, I was checking out all of the other sites, and the last one I checked was this. Of course, this site was clearly worthy of the SOTW, so I made it a SOTW almost immediately =)

Thanks for the compliments Jennifer.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue: