SOTW Jinglehell | Soundstudio

I wanne try for getting the award Site of the week with my first flash creation:

i used for this site: asp/flash MX/Quicktime/MS Acces

I think the site is really fast and have great clean design, sound

Great site. Reminds me of 100 other sites (great sites) but very well done. And I like the videos :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :slight_smile:

I really dig the design and the overall pixel-art’ish work :stuck_out_tongue:

But… the text is a bit hard to read :-\

Thanx for the comments…what is a good alternative font? i design this font by myself…because it’s a part of the site (design)

How is the loading time of the site!? I try to make a flash site without preloaders…

What loading time? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was great! :slight_smile:

The bright red text on white background is hard to read…

Darken the text a bit and it’ll work i think :slight_smile:

Perfect loading time, man. I didn’t even notice it.

and imagine that i used for everything: sound, asp, databaseconnection!

But is the site SOTW ???

There was a lot of great sites for SOTW posted last week, none made it to SOTW, I wonder why…

3sound: what do you think about the site?

I like it :slight_smile:

It’s clean, fast and easy to navigate. Didn’t have problem going on your site even without a preloader (but I am on cable)

I like the fact that you didn’t use the usual “about us”, “services” etc… for your buttons.

The red background works well for this site and I like the little icons on the right.

Great work!

PS: The only thing I would suggest (just a detail) : Your thumbnail display (for the videos) would look better if you made it scroll.

You don’t see the scroller there??? Try it! It’s a really great effect :wink:

Oh! sorry, I didn’t see it. I only clicked on the arrows on the top right! :o Never mind!:stuck_out_tongue:

Is evertything happy and satisfied i wanne have comments!!! :wink:

It is nice and clean. The red can be hard to look at but it fits your site. I was more impressed ( even a little disturbed) with your photoshop work. You had some really good stuff in there.


Nice site… although I dont like sites that go full screen. Just something I never like. Other than that great job. The photoshop stuff is really cool, that first one is wild… also the one where the guy it tying up his feet - disturbing.