Soft and shiny photographs

Hi, I wonder if anybody knows a tutorial to manipulate pics like this:

The background images are so shiny and soft - is it just blur…?
Help needed! :pa:

it’s a recent trend; all you have to do in photoshop is duplicate your initial layer, use the gaussian filter a bit, and change the blending mode (can be overlay, soft light, dodge etc…) with something like a 60%-80% opacity… Play with it !

Thanks a lot…I’ll go playing!

Here’s a screenshot for the approximate effect:

edit: btw that image is fromx sxc, and the gaussian blur on the top layer is 5.0

Thx mlk im gunna go play too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, great. Thanks for spending time with this.
Maybe you have also an idea how this preloader works:

The one on the “doors”.
I posted this question also in

a nice effect… getting a little tired though. That and scan lines on every picture, hehe :smiley:

how much gaussian blur should i apply?

also, play around with the opacity of the top layer.

yeah, can you tell me how MUCH gaussian blur to get that effect? like the exact number? :mu:

There is no “magic number” that’s right for all pictures, you’ll have to play around with it. It depends on the size of the picture and the sharpness and contrast and numerous other things. Just play around with it, it can range anywhere from 1 px to 20 px or higher. It depends on what effect you are trying to achieve and on the picture you’re manipulating.

ohh ok :mu:

I used 5px.

Hey, great. Thanks for spending time with this.
Maybe you have also an idea how this preloader works:

It looks like he did a normal preloader with a png ‘glow’ on top. That glow image being in a Movie Clip, to wich he added the flickering (easy to script).

Will get to it when I come back from Spiderman 2 =)



F12 is great. I always wonder how they did that CD and the player and that metal/steel effect they use.

I think the CD is just a gradient with some radial blur and motion blur.

Ok, I’ll wait for you. I’m goin’ to see shrek 2 tomorrow with the kids :te:

Well the preloader - I don’t really mean the flickering but the “sticky” appearance on the “doors”. When a new ext. swf is loaded the doors closes and the preloader on the doors is moving, when the loading is finished, the doors open (still with the preloader on the doors) and the new content is there…

…A loader, that loads external .swf’s ??? Actionscripting… :hangover:

I’m glad you asked that question pacno. I am in need of learning that at the moment. I try to have all the preloader parts fade in and out but they won’t all do it. I’m anxious to see the coding.

Let’s hope mlk enjoy spiderman 2 and will come back helping us. :slight_smile:

MLK has it -

another effect that is similar and often used - (there used to be pictures with this - but in the great forum crash of 2004 they were lost)
Here are the settings to apply to your image/selection:

gaussian blur 1.5

diffuse glow: 1 - 2 - 18

I still dont get what you don’t understand with the preloader. Here’s the deal. You load the external swf in a MC which is located under the ‘door’ MC… So that once the loading is finished, all you have to do is play your ‘door’ anim, until you see your section.

Quite frankly i’ve never done external preloading before but I don’t think this should be a problem at all…

I’m not really good in actionscripting…I always put the preloader in the same swf which must be loaded. I never used it before in different timelines/swf movies.
Do you have an example fla or any actionscript resources for this?
It would help a lot
I found this but I still don’t get it, do I have to build a prelaoder mc…?:-/