Spiderman, spiderman.. does whatever a spider can

I’m with Reni.

I can’t possibly conceive why parents are so ignorant to that fact that OTHER PEOPLE HAVE ALSO PAID 7 OR 8 BUCKS TO SEE THE *!$%#^@&! MOVIE TOO!!!

Whew, that felt good.

Seriously though. What is the friggin’ deal here?!?! The last two movies I’ve gone to I had to SHHHHH! two people at. I swear the next time it happens, I’m going to ask their parents to pay for my GD ticket.


Another strong example of the unshushables! :lol:

And I think we covered this one already Renni, and when such occurs we should all go to the management and demand our money back, When this occurs over and over again, they will get the message and respond with new rules for children, like there shall be none. Until they lose revenue over the issue it will not become an issue. And Jubba endorsed beating these poor helpless and defenseless little bastards with sticks. How cruel and socially unkind, don’t you agree Renn? I mean it sounds like sociopathic tendencies to me, what about you? Maybe Jubba needs counseling because it certainly is one thing to have your movie destroyed but quite another to permanently disfigure and emotionally damage a poor helpless little bastard child. Doh! :lol:


This always happens to me though! I can understand wanting to bring, for example, a kid of 7 years old more or less, but bringing a toddler makes absolutely no sense! The child can’t comprehend what’s going on, much less remember anything about the movie. @#%$ unshushables.

Here’s the thing. Why can’t theaters hire an attendant at minimum wage (probably a total price of two person’s tickets) to sit in the @#%$ theater and tell people to be quite?

I absolutely love going to the movies but it has gotten to be quite a stressful situation for me lately.

It really really REALLY blows my mind that some people are SO disrespectful to be completely oblivious to the fact that their noise (or noise of “their” child) does not bother anyone.

No more holding back I say. Stand up, turn around, and ask them as nicely and sweetly and LOUDLY to PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF THE REST OF US.

Viva la revolution! … or something …


It certainly is anoying. The showing I went to on Sunday I had a husband wife and child combo in front of me. The child was actually ok… it was the woman who kept talking. The husband was actually quite upset. He was obviously a fan of the comic and just wanted to tell his wife to shut the #@$% up… he was just too polite to do so. I felt for him… and probably should have said something myself… but I’m one of those shy dweebs myself and have a hard time with confrontation. Luckily it wasn’t nearly as bad as your experience Reni.

you know, i really recommend watching the movie in the movie theater. now this may rise some controversy, but if you think about all the work these producers went through to make such a (blockbuster, record-breaking) movie, i think we all should show some respect. $6-8 ain’t that much. to me, that’s a mcdonald’s lunch. don’t spend your time looking for the divx, cause believe me, kazaa is NOT the place to look for a decent one, but rather spend the $6-8 spider-man deserves.

btw, i love smallville cause that lana whatshername is SO hot.

Totally agree w/ Thor (on both counts)


Though truthfuly… Lex Luthor is the reason I watch that show. I have NEVER writen a fan letter to an actor before, and probably never will again… but that actor is amazing (the writers too). If you haven’t seriously checked out Luthor and his father (same guy who played the devil in Brimstone), you’re missing out on some seriously good acting.

Lana is just a bonus.

The biggest problem that I have with that show is that it’s set in the 90’s not the 50’s. I know why they did it… they’re trying to apeal to the Buffy/Angel crowd… but for fans like me, it takes quite a bit out of it to set it in the present.

Yeah the setting is a major problem, and I don’t really watch TV, I have only caught the show a few times, but you are right Upu, Lex’s character is amazing. The writers of the show are very good. That @#%$ Buffy crowd ruins it for everyone though. But a good thing is that Ally McBeal only has 3 episodes left! Finally there will be a time slot for something good on TV (hopefully). Sorry to any of the Ally McBeal fans out there, but that show really, truthfully sucks major monkey ass.

Now that I think about it, the only time I watch TV is when my roommate watches Friends, and any other shows that may be on around it…Seinfeld, Will and Grace…etc…

I find Lex Luthor to be super hot! If you think about it, the whole show doesn’t really make sense in terms of the original Superman - When did Clark look like a super model? When did Lana turn Asian (although she is hot)? When did they play Creed-like pop music in the fifties. Oh well, it’s an enjoyable show - it’s good thing I really don’t know much about the original Superman though. I also dig that the Lana of the Christopher Reeves Superman is playing Clarks mom.

… anyway, on top of being hot, I like that Lex is good guy with some underlying evil in him. Yum =9

There are other tip offs too.

The principal is asian. I find nothing wrong with this except that smallville is suposed to be in Indiana… and in the 50’s in indiana there were no Asians… none

The newspaper girl uses a digital Sony Mavica camera…

I hadn’t really known what time period it was when I first started watching…and these little things started to bug me… then I kind of just realized that they hadn’t set it in the 50’s and I said, “well… ok, I can deal with that… if that’s the only problem with the show… I’ll live with it.”
I’m glad I stuck it out… truthfuly, dealing with the time period is a minor concession for me.

Oh… and Lana is sweet sweet sweet… though I think that she’s a Philipino mix. <shudder>.

and yeah… Lex is not only a great character, but the actor is quite good looking.

Lana is Chinese Canadian. She was suprised that she got the role actually, stating “I don’t think Lana has a drop of Asian in her.”

chinese canadian, ay?
the first episode i watched was the one where clark or whatever is name is develops his x-ray vision (aw ****zun…!) and sees Lana changing in the locker room. almost immediately, i fell in love with the show (and her).

Thor you are a dirty dirty man…

::::wishing I had seen that episode::::

how am i dirty?

it was a joke. From what you said it implyed that you fell in love with the show and Lana because of Clarks X-ray vision. I just thought it was funny how you worded it.

I think that episode was one of the best so far. It really showed a lot of what Clark is made of. He had a conversation with his mom at the end where he said to her, “What would you do if you could see anything.” She said to him, “I’d learn to close my eyes.”

That is vital to what Clark becomes as an adult… One of the things that people of this age usually fail to realize when reading Superman is where his principals come from. Sure he’s an alien from a distant galaxy… but his principals were always those of the American midwest during the 50’s. Having most of my relatives from that neck of the woods I have a really good knowledge of what those people are like. That line from Ma Kent above any other in the show is so like those people. They were good because they believed in being good. In apple pie and grandma’s. Those are the morals of the American midwest.

There are other lines too. Pa Kent (Played by Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazard) has some really great advice that he’s given Clark throughout the episodes. Stuff that you just wouldn’t hear coming from any other of America’s children.

The other great thing about that particular episode was the back end story that was taking place with Lex. He robbed a bank in the first 5 minutes (it wasn’t him of course), and a newspaper reporter showed up from Metropolis to accost him. The reporter had gotten ahold of some incriminating stuff from Lex’s past and made to blackmail him. When he showed for the money Lex and he had a great conversation which showed exactly how ruthless this friend of Clark’s could really be. “When I make things disapear, they stay gone.” Lex says to him… made me shudder.

HAHA :lol: , i loved the show not cause of clark’s x-ray. it just sort of appealed to me. it was also a really good story.

ps. also cause of lana. the villain in that one episode (blond mutater) was also pretty hot.

Way back when in the days of the grand ol’ movie palaces, they actually had a solution for morons who insisted on talking during the movies. They called them ushers, and they had the power to tell the talkers to “shut up,” or even 86 'em. I remember it happened once when I was a kid and the whole place erupted in applause when these two chattering clods were kicked out of the Palace.

The trouble with Phil’s idea about complaining, etc, is that you’ve wasted your time and gone through all that hassle because the theatre management doesn’t enforce the “no talk” rule. Plus, you didn’t get to see the movie.

Some people are completely inconsiderate.


ps. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but soon; waiting for the crowds to die down a bit.

Well… you can usually get to see the movie again if you complain loud enough to the management. Most management would rather have you shut up at any cost than have you complaining loud enough for anyone to hear, possibly getting a bad idea about the theatre… but that hardly is a consolation… In most cases I’m there at that time because it’s the only time I could get to the theatre. :slight_smile:

Ushers would be great to bring back. Plus it would prevent at least some of those screw balls from throwing their trash all over the floor. I hate that too.