Stupid Question?

Is it possible to turn a computer into a web server in order to avoid the cost of domain name registration and web hosting fees?

If not, how close can you get to free and how?

If you sign up for it is 7 or 8 dollars a month (depending on your plan) and they don’t charge you to register a new domain. So that is a good deal. Hosting your own website is possible but you will have to pay for the domain regardless

Yeah, I know people that set up another computer for use as a server.

It is possible indeed, but I am not 100% sure about the process and you will still have to pay for a domain name.

I also wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t know much about computer networking and such. You gotta be sure to take all necessary precautions to avoid people being able to gain access to your computer and/or network.

ask him.

I know Raydred is preparing to do it.

You can do it but it is a pain in the a$$. Because you have to have a a DNS server of someone to be your dns for you which cost like 2 buck a month. Then you have to set up a firewall or a firewall/router. Then monitor it with like whats up gold. Oh yeah and you have to have static IP adresses. So you will need broadband (business class). WIll this be a live server or a development like server??

I run a server at my house it was a good learning experience but you have to watch it because you will constantly under attack from hackers.