Tell me what you think so far

not bad, but the nav is weird, don tlike it like that!

I think your imagery is really good (even if the metaphor is a bit old). You’ve explained the nav, and besides, it’s not that hard to get the hang of.


The nav is fine, however you may want to make it so when you mouse off, the reel stops. Obviously things like mouse overs will help.

I dig the design, nicely done.


user interface is -100 points
alternate navigation is always ok if you leave most intuitive also

Looks nice. The nav bar should be more “floating”, like sensetive to the mouse. otherwise really nice work.


I love how it is user friendly!!! 5 star website. but i wanna see some page transitions ur doing great man… or girl!

[]buttons are working but 2 w/link
]two contents are working only; mixtapes and memorial
[*]transition is complete[/LIST]been busy lately so I haven’t had much time but tell what you think about the transitions and all.:thumb2:

same link but if your all too lazy:sigh: to scroll up, here’s the link

I really love your nav, but I think you should make it a bit more obvious to the user that it is scrollable, (I didn’t know until I experimented a bit). Those curtains are great! One thing i really don’t like though is your content preloader: “Loading Content” - it blinks so fast it really hurts to look at it. Apart from that it’s a great site! Well done. :pleased:

Yeah perhaps reconsider the preloader text. The most obvious thing would be to use the curtain as the actual preloader bar.

Also you can’t read the black text on the buttons…maybe change the colour or font to make it more legible.

Its also a tiny bit slow at the mo. what frame rate is it?

the frame rate is at 40

Nice concept, the curtains seem slightly jerky when they first move but that could be my computer. I like the rollover but the film rolls look slightly odd, it may be their edges or the colour. It takes a while to load the content for me

It is a nice concept- but you should clean it up :slight_smile: