Telltarget Problem

I a month ago I changed to MX. And I dont understand something. Suppose I name a MC "mc_circle" and then use lets say

tellTarget(“mc_circle”) {


both have to loop before my mc is loaded.
What do I have to do so that it runs on the first loop. I don`t know what I´m doing wrong. Please correct me

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps.

i don’t understand your problem. What is looping? Why is it looping? Explain a little more clearly please. :slight_smile:

The first time it passes it does not respond to my play().
Then the second time it does.

For example

My timeline


Suppose I have my mc defined as mc_1

My actionscript suppose it activates on 1

The first time it passes it does not respond to play()

But on the second time it reaches one then it plays

I`ve put a stop() on frame 20 and it does not play anything
if I remove that it does play()

Should I attach a file so you can see?


please do its kind of confusing and we cant fully understand what your trying to do :wink:

Here`s my problem.

MX file

Thank you very much for helping.

Please someone at least say.

That is weird or what happened when you tried to see the file. Am I the only one who it happened to. Or do you get the same results.

Maybe someone moved my configuration. Or something,