Terror alert raised!


this doesnt really effect me, but for u americans, do you actually care?

If I lived in NY, Wash, or Newark maybe :slight_smile: You should be aware of suspicious people always - not just when a color coded bar tells you to.

I didn’t actually read the article, but hasn’t the terror alert been raised like…a lot of times?

yeah, but this is most “informed” level raise. they say that there are plot(s), that they learned about in march or somthing, and now they got more info to confirm it.

don’t they always say that?

Yeah they do. Its just stuff only happen when they don’t warn us.

The alert stadus is to inflic fear. Its useless. Like they showed on the daily show it changes as much as a traffic light.

Like in Fahrenheit 9/11.

yeah like Fahrenheit 9/11

Might I bring up the point about the new committee whose job is to “cancel or delay the elections in the event of a terrorist attack?”

Supposed Terror Attack + Cancel of Elections = Bush is still in office.

Talk about fear-based politics at its extreme.

actually there is credible evidence of an attack - disbelief even in the absence of proof is still folley. preparedness never hurts.

is there really any credible evidence of these threats or is it just like the others, if there is id like to know, my mum is going to washington dc next week and, not that im too worried but u know…

ahh i dont even know why im posting this its not like anyone here can confirm either way :book: i think il just read the article

i feel dumb :crazy:

The threats are relatively credible - they know the exact buildings that could be attacked. And the threat level increase only applies to those areas in DC, NY, and NJ. The rest of us who live in less important, boring areas need not worry :crying:

I live in Connecticut, not far from NY, but I’m still in no frieghtened state of mind. If someone attacks, what can we do?
Just do what bush would do… Attack!

i live in nj, and my mom works at the new york stock exchange. And theyre closing the holland tunnel tomorrow so she probably wont be able to commute anyway.

I’m used to it, to us New Yorker’s this is nothing, or for me anyway :frowning:

The worst was when we were on High Alert, that really scared me.

Maybe I AM trying to turn an honest warning into politics, but I still feel that there are politics involved.

umm, you are on high alert.:puzzled:

well that just stinks now doesn’t it, I wasn’t aware we were on high alert.

heh…thats alrite…im in canada, we get bored here…so i watch alot of american television…cnn, mtv, whatever.