The movie "Blow"

The movie Blow is an awsome movie about the rise and fall of an east coast drug dealer. I watch this movie over and over again and cant get enough of it. At first I thought it would not have been good because Johnny Depp is the lead character, I thought it would be just another chick flick, but I dont know any chick flicks with loads of money and drugs. Blow is such a great movie!!!

The lead character is George Jung, and he is currently being held in a Connecticut Jail, he will be freed in 2015…haha so great!

Great flick indeed, I loved it.

I’m not much of a Johnny Depp fan though :sign:

I’ve never even heard of that movie…Sounds pretty good though

one word: disappointing.

This movie was a wannabe Scarface, that never had a climax. Johnny Depp is completely miscast in this role. He changed my mind about him with his performance in Pirates of the Carribean, but this one is just as bad as his others. Pirates is still the only movie of his I can watch. I wish they had done so many things with Blow, and never did. The pace was slow, and inconsistent, and predictable.

UNFLUX Movie Rating = :snooze: :td:

They actually let him out early, and was doing a speech at college nearby me. I wish I would have gone and seen him.

Blow was a good movie. But scarface, now thats a movie! I could never get sick of that!

He is already out! Aw that would have been wicked cool if i got to see him! I wish I would have known that sooner.

Scarface is a good movie, but it’s way to exagerated about how good it is. Dont get me wrong I love Al capone, but it wasn’t spectaculor.

Scarface == Tony Montana :wink:

Scarface == Tony Montana == Al pacino

Scarface == Tony Montana == Al pacino == You just cost me 6,000 dollars…

Wow dude if you didn’t know Tony Montana was played by Al Capone than you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha sorry I just felt like putting it in there. Ya know, keep it going!

where did you get Al Capone from :puzzle:

Anyways Blow was a very good movie. It wasnt a Scarface ripoff either. That is a true story of his life. A lot of similiar things happen but thats what you get when you mix cocaine and columbians

Very nicely put gh0st, I like.

and oh…i meant Al Pachino…:frowning: boy do i feel dumb! Sorry. Hey too many Al’s

Its ok Tuna…we’ve all been there… :crying:

was that the movie with, “say ‘ello to my lil’ friend!”, I love that line…

blow is an awesome film i watch it to much than is good for me probably but da tuna is awesome

Tuna sure is a funny guy

If I had of known Johnny Depp was in Blow I would never have watched it, but I did, and it was truely awesome :slight_smile:

I thought blow was a good movie.
I rented scarface during last week and watched it and I don’t think it loved up to what everyone says about it. It was a good flick, but nowhere near as amazing as everyone said. Good stuff.