Very Very Funny Joke!

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[font=Arial][size=3]Robert is a guy who likes to travel, and for several summers he’d been visiting the same deserted area. It’s kind of like an oasis-hotel in the middle of a desert. Now, to get there is easier said then done! First you have to walk through sand, then… well – more sand. Anyway, summer comes and Robert is heading for this desert hotel. It’s a really warm day even for a desert, and about half way through he runs out of water. He barely makes it to the hotel alive, and when he gets there he falls asleep immediately. But, all of a sudden, he wakes up in the middle of the night. This terrible noise is coming from the neighbour room! And this isn’t the average hotel noise, this is one heck of a loud sound! Robert gets out of bed and run towards the door. He checks out the hallway and the stairs, but he can’t find any explanation for this TERRIBLE noise. It’s all silent in the neighbour room as well. He falls asleep again…[/size][/font]

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[font=Arial][size=3]The next day he asks the hotel manager what this loud noise might have been. He says he don’t know nothing about it – but it seems as if he’s hiding something.[/size][/font]

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[size=3][font=Arial] The next summer Robert decides to spend his holidays at the very same hotel. Again he walks the long way through the huge desert. He checks in at the hotel, and he gets the same room as last summer. Exhausted he falls asleep. But in the middle of the night he wakes up by the same terrible noise as last year! He just can’t believe how loud this sound is – and it’s not like anything he’s ever heard before! It’s coming from the same room as it did last summer, but when he checks it out… NOTHING! “Really weird”, he thinks to him self. The next day he asks the hotel manager if he had heard something – but he said he didn’t know what he was talking about. Again it seemed as if he was hiding something.[/font][/size]

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[font=Arial][size=3]The following summer Robert HAD to spend his holidays at the same hotel in an attempt to figure out what the noise was. He walked through the huge desert again, and after a looooong walk he checked in at the same room as the two previous years. Of course the incredibly loud sound came in the middle of the night, but this time Robert was prepared and standing by the door. As soon as he heard the noise he ran out of his room and in to the hallway! But… NOTHING! Everything seemed normal as he put his ear against the door to the neighbour room too… He just couldn’t guess what this REDICULESS noise was! The next day he grabbed the hotel manager, really holding his arm tight! “What the heck is that loud noise that keep appearing in the middle of the night???!?”, he asked. The hotel manager looked him deep in the eyes – as if he was considering on whether or not to let him in on an important secret. “ok, I’ll tell ya…”, he said. “If you can keep a secret!”[/size][/font]

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um… ha ha?




I think he forgot the punch line.

Could you please insert the funny part?

It’s like false advertisement. I come here expecting to get a good laugh, and well… I’m still waiting. :huh:

I get it!! lmao, he he, he kept the secret! :stuck_out_tongue:

holy crap slum…first of all…there is already a thread for jokes…secondly and probably more importantly…

Pssssttttt…they need to be jokes dude :to:

this is a joke, it’s funny too :stuck_out_tongue:

pixels I hope you’re kidding or I’m just not getting this joke.

I’m not kidding, it’s funny 'cause he kept the secret :P, silly people that don’t understand jokes…

I don’t see how keeping it a secret is so funny. Besides, he can’t actually communicate with the narrator, or know he was there, so we could have heard him tell the secret.

i don’t…seem…to get it…

lol, it’s not the best joke, but puts a smile on my face, and don’t ask me to explain, I didn’t post it :stuck_out_tongue:

mehs, i heard a better one with an old lady, some cats, a guy with a broken car, and a monk.

so, im not allowed to know the secret? thats the funny part?

the point of a joke is to not make the audience think about what they are supposed to laugh at…

oh i get it now

[spoiler=stupid joke]what the guy above me said![/spoiler]

spoil tags rawk

Ok I get it u guys r like really weird if u dont

Trying to pressure us in to pretending to get the joke?

I got a joke i made when i was 11

a 15 year old insecure blonde girl gets teased by these 3 asian kids mea(pronounced me) calls her a b***h Ie(pronounced I) calls her a slut and mieself(pronounced myself) calls her fat

That day she walks home on her knees barking like a dog. Her mom ask her rnt u a little too old to be acting like a dog. And she says in a mean way NO CUZ IM A B**H(she means dog). Her mom ask who said that. She says Mea. Her mom reply’s ok ur grounded young lady go do the dishes. She reply’s first i got to go call up some boys and see which ones i can pencil in 4 sx for Saturday. WUT!!! her mom gets furious ya im a slut u know. AND WHO SAID THIS? Ie did. THATS IT GO TO UR ROOM! Her mom snaps! I cant!She replys. Her mom ask and why not! And the girl replys im to fat to fit through the doow way. HER MOM GETS FURIOUS! And who said that yourself? the mom ask and the girl reply’s no cloes mieself.

Not that funny nemore