Who has the best sig?

see if I can get mine working.

[edit : can’t, how do I?]

Check out the following thread: http://www.kirupaforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12

Kirupa :bandit:

Getting back to your question, I think Uthar has one of the best signatures I have seen. Check out his signature in his response to Flatline’s game: http://www.kirupaforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1363 It is really nice, and very random. Great work Uthar!

Kirupa :cyclops:

I think mine is the best, HAHAHA, I wish. I agree with Kirupa, the first time I saw Uthars footer I was in awe. I LOVE IT!


Thanks a lot for the praise (btw… it means a lot coming from the owner of a well known flash forum/tutorial site–as well as somebody who has such a sweet homepage [lostinbeta.com]) :slight_smile: I think a lot of other people on here have some really good ones. I wish I could pull off a website that gave these kind of reviews hehe.

Have a good one,



One thing I forgot: Speaking of my banner… one thing I’ve been trying to change is the level on which my duplicate movie clips load. I’ve been trying to change it so that the art duplicates, but underneath the button and my nick. Any suggestions? (I know this is kinda an actionscripting question and probably belongs in the flash 5 forum, but it seemed appropriate to ask here since we’re on the topic). If not, move me if need be :slight_smile:



Did you try editing the load depths? Maybe you can tell your duplicate clip to load between certain depths and have your name and button be on a way higher depth, so it is always in front. Not really sure what I am talking about, but I just know you can change depth in Flash and thought you might want to try that if you haven’t already.


Yeah… I know there’s a method called swapDepths()… but I’ve never used it. I’ll have to search around for a tutorial or somethingerother.



Here is a Kirupa tutorial on swapdepths …


And here is another Kirupa tutorial (gotta hand it to the man with the plan, and about a billion tutorials). I ironically found it yesterday while trying to learn some actionscript effects. As I read on I noticed that he loaded the rings in lower levels and the blue circles in higer levels. This is for Flash 5, but if you don’t use Flash 5 it might help with the basic idea of loading in levels. I know the full tutorial doesn’t work in MX, I tried:*( but maybe the swapDepths part will:)



I looked around myself before I posted my response, but I didn’t see anything. Funny how that works when you post a response 10 minutes later that has the exact tutorial I was looking for. I guess I didn’t look all that hard :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked through the tutorial, and it looks pretty easy to use. Unfortunately I don’t have my banner .fla here with me at home, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to play around with it.

thanks for posting the tuts,


OK, first, the ouline tutorial doesn’t work because it used Supra’s code for random motion for Flash 5, so now that he upgraded his code, I guess you could make it work. I guess. =)

And your advice is good, lostinbeta, just swapDepths whatever you want very high, so it won’t be covered (1000 or so).

And finally, I love Karen.In.Pa’s footer, it’s really great. Actually, I have no idea how she did that random color gradient thing, but it looks great!

pom :asian:

Wow, thank you for all the kind words, Pom, about my footer!

It’s actually a little progression from a random color function I had been playing with. Basically, the function converts rgb values to hex, which is all just math. The code feeds 3 random rgb values (between 150 and 255 - first color needs to be bright) to the function and the function returns a hex. The colors in the 19 remaining boxes are fed to the function in the same way, except the original 3 rgb values are decremented by 15 in each box.

It’s a mess, but I can send you the fla if you like.


Hey lostinbeta,
Your site looks really nice. I forgot to mention this to you a few days ago when I saw it. Best of all, you didn’t use Flash for it…even cooler!

Kirupa :asian:

Thanks Kirupa!!!

It is a great honor to me that you said that. I am pleased that you like it.

HAHA, now I can tell all my friends that the man himself likes my site=)


I guess I just hadn’t seen Karen’s until you posted in this thread. I like that a lot… good job :slight_smile:


Am I the only one witha footer that has a 3D Studio Max animation…its not much for actionscript, but lately I have been a little obsessed with content over scripting…not that I can’t script. I’m a 3D obsessive bastard, what can I say!

Thanks Uthar! Really nice of you to post that. :slight_smile:

Jeeze, it’s my birthday too! What a great way to start off your birthday… I’m not saying how old. Let’s just say… old. lol!

Dan, you may be Flash Masta Dan, but it looks like you’re also 3D Studio Masta Dan. way cool.

My personal favorite sig that I’ve seen so far is the chicken/egg game thing of Kenny’s. (Oh dear, I hope it’s Kenny… I’m new, so I could be wrong. If so, forgive me.) I haven’t been able to figure out how to move all the eggs yet.

I love this forum. Hats off to Kirupa.


Man, all these new footers are awesome! Uthar’s great, Dan’s just too much, I love Karen’s… and that egg thing is just impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to get working…

pom :asian:

What do you mean by ‘too much’?

Oh :stuck_out_tongue: that’s a French saying. This is too much!(ça c’est trop!). You’d usually say this is the following situations: you see Yoda’s fight against Dooku, see for the first time the T-1000 melt throug a prison door 10 years ago, get an A at quantum physics… Stuff like that. Something awesome, never quite seen before, unexpected.

And that’s it for the French lesson today, people.

pom :slight_smile: