PCs vs. Macs -- The Showdown!

Feel free to state your opinion on either one. Personally I love macs, and I am getting the G4 Power Mac. So you see, I am a mac fan. What do you like better? START THE SUPERLONG CHAIN!!\r\r-Dan :expressionless:


I’m a PC person, but after using Macs extensively for a digital arts class, I’m convinced that the Mac is superior in the area of graphics design. When I’m done paying of my student loans (about a million years or so) I plan on investing on a G4 myself!

If you’ve not tried out OSX on the Mac, you can’t make an educated comparison. It’s a beutiful OS and it’s easily as powerful as window’s 98. More stable too. With PC emulation, and a dual processor set up, you can’t compare the two. Mac is as good as the PC for anything, if you have the right hardware and software on your machine.

Macs are too expensive and as often as I upgrade…Jeeesh, it would too expensive. But they are nice.\r\rpj\r<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":">

that I will give you.\r\rMy friend who swears by his G4, is always teasing me that I should get rid of my PC. I don’t see why I should. For everything I do, it’s perfect… probebly better, as I already know all the workings.\r\rI have used the dual G4, 1 gig of Ram, firewire Diskdrive, setup with a variety of software. For the money it works really well, and is far more stable than any Windows version I’ve seen so far… except perhaps Window’s XP, which is also very good.\r\rBoth are very intuitive. setting up easily and adapting to new hardware without much work. That’s what’s really important to me.\r\rSo, it has stability over Window.\rit has the ability (with a pricetag) of using all of your Windows based software\rWith a dual processor, a gig of ram, and a firewire harddrive, you have the absolute fastest hardware I’ve ever seen.\rand ease of setup.\r\rAll of this cost bucks though… and you’re absolutely correct, upgrading them, and or reparing them is a bit of a pain… there are very few Mac repair shops yet. But that’s changing all the time.\rYou see all the Macs on TV and in Movies lately? It’s like a culture craze for people to show them. Especially the cub and the laptop, but any chance to show off the Apple logo seems to be taken these days.\rWithin a few years, at most, the prices will be low enough to be comparable with anything that the Window’s market has to sell.

I have tryed out the OSX and I love it. No stupid wizards, just nice smooth perfomance…even with 10 programsa open! I love macs!!\r\r-dan:|

Macs are excellent for graphics design/video editing/flash :slight_smile: They also look cool too. Because I play a lot of games, I use a PC. Besides that, Macs are great alternatives to PCs if you are a designer…ack…must finish studying for school!!!\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

PC!\r1:i HATE the mac mouse,\r2:easier to configure (should’ve tried to get an DSL connection for MAC yourself some months ago…)\r3:many more hardware options\r4:“open” system, basically you put in there whatever you want…\r5:some softs are simply not available for macs (D and stuff…)\r6:cheaper\r7:and the list goes on…

i’m with eyez on all counts (that mouse is such a pain in the a$s). I’m not a graphic designer so I don’t care about the MAC’s abilities! :stuck_out_tongue:

you can buy a three button mouse for the Mac… emulation software will let you run any PC program… those two aren’t viable. :slight_smile:


@#%$ strait!\r\r-Dan :expressionless:

i had a love affair with a Mac once… it was great… we did everything together… woah i swap everything for another go…\r\ri dont have a mac… i have a PC and i love PCs the do what i need them to do… but i traid it all in for a Mac… the are just the supreme version of SLiCK…\r\rim poor tho\r\r:( \r\rTDF

You can buy a three button mouse for the Mac. ** Upuat**
\r\rYeah, but how compatible are Mac programs with that mouse?\r\r
Emulation software will let you run any PC program. ** Upuat**
\r\rLegal Emulation software? Because if it’s illegal, it doesn’t count as a counterpoint.\r\rAnd if it’s legal, that means it just costs more needless money and needless time for installation. Meaning that P.C.s are superior in that sense.\r\r
I’m with eyez on all counts (that mouse is such a pain in the a$s). I’m not a graphic designer so I don’t care about the MAC’s abilities! ** Jubba**
\r\rI’d say that about sums up the whole argument. It’s not a matter of superiority, it’s whether you want a gaming machine or a graphics designer.

I blogged about Macs a couple months ago - here’s how I measure up the Mac at the time:\r<hr>\rEverything is beveled… everything. Rounder / chunkier = better… we all know that! Plus everything has stripes, clear handles and buttons… milky, shiny side panels… very, very swanky.\r\rThe default desktop interface matches aforementioned cute, aqua bevel essence. Yes I know - I’m shallow like that.\r\rThe [url=“http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/52/wo/ZZT7L1yXm06vzt8qpt/,30”]flat-panel screens. Now I know where my money is going! These bad boys are nice - 17 inches of good lovin’ framed with milky stripes and a crystal clear pedestal-thingy - plus the power button lights up when my finger goes near it. See… the Mac is very affectionate. Not like that cold, heartless PC I have sitting at home!\r\rEasy navigation and less clutter - mama like! There’s this cool bar thingy that I can toggle only when I need it… Instead of taskbar buttons, they have a drop-down from which I can jump from one program to another… how fun is this?\r\rAnd of course, the obvious: the Mac is just graphically superior. I am touching up some of my old work on this baby and there are a lot more details that I can create… of course that could just be the far more superior, aforementioned flat screen monitor. Regardless, Photoshop on a Mac is not so annoying. My PC attempts to commit suicide anytime I’m attempting to run Photoshop alongside a couple other applications.\r\rBut again, there are some things about it that I did not find very nice:\r\rMy hand simply doesn’t like this perfectly round mouse. Now I like the bevelishness but I find myself having to twist and contort my entire upper body and it’s still not comfortable.\r\rThe loss of right-click privileges. Viewing a web source or stealing images are a bit more painful now.\r\rThe loss of ctrl+alt+delete privileges. When things start too run slow… I can’t take my anger out on the trio of buttons. Who knows how else I’m going to channel my impatient and eventually violent tendencies.\r\rThe placement of the apple/four-leaf clover (a/flc for short) key. Now the a/flc key is liken unto the control key on PC systems… I still don’t know what the Apple control key does. At any rate… my pinky would normally reach over and I can easily ctrl+Z myself out of a bad situation. But now my hand has to scrunch up to allow my pinky to search for the a/flc key, or my ring finger has to extend down, but doing either is usually inaccurate, so in order to do a simple operation of undoing my mistakes via the ctrl+Z route, I find myself having to painfully remove my hand from a perfectly good typing position, and using one index finger to hold down a/flc and the other to hold down Z. You see what I mean. Good, I thought so.

Didn’t anyone see me type “For the money”. I agree, for the money, it’s not as useful, or as fun to me, and obviously to some others as well. If I wanted to upgrade my system today, to the top of the line, it would cost half the price, possibly less than to upgrade the G4 to it’s top of the line state. As well, I would have a lot of enjoyment out of swaping parts, overclocking, stuff like that.\r\rThe G4 units are however great for doing anything, if you want someone else to do all that icky hardware/software installation stuff. As well, you pay out of the nose for it.\r\rThe emulation software that I was refering to is legal, and costs a couple hundred bucks. So far, we’ve found very little difficulty getting anything to run on the system.\rThe Three button mouse, I’ll admit does not work the same as it’s counterpoint on the window’s systems, but it does give you more than the basic, which is crap.\r\rI’ll continue to argue for both platforms. As long as they stay on a unix base os structure, I’m happy.

There once was a day when I swore I would never use a PC for design work. Now I almost use it exclusively for design (at home).\r\rMacs’ OS are definitely superior though (especially OSX). It’s a friendly face for computers and most non-techies feel it is more approachable I suppose (much easier to learn).\r\rUnfortunately, we live in a world where “popular” supercedes “superior.” I once thought Macs would die out (before Steve Jobs came back with the original iMac) but I think it has a long future ahead of it now. Of course “long” in tech-speak is only about a year. :slight_smile: \r\rI’d like to see the Mac gain more than 10% of the computer users (at least up to 30 or 40%); but I’m always a sucker for the underdog. :wink: \r\r\rt2d

Well, see, I got $2100 saved up for a comp…that is the 800mHz g4 power mac, and money is still coming in. It will be nice for a change not working on graphics and design on my piece of crap 433 mHz compaq…:slight_smile: \r\r-Dan :expressionless:

personaly I wouldn’t use a compaq to prop open my door. :wink: