Hey its manny!

its manny!


what a waste of a post


then lets not make this post go to waste…

lets antiwaste it!!!

you’re crazy

hey manny! you’re right in front of me as i type this!!!

argh…class sucks, don’t it.

dunno…im technically not in this class…i am here to annoy…

teacher’s words at the moment: “is there some sexual implication there or somethign…”

i don’t even want ti know…french sucks.

hey ur face is ur icon!


ya french sucks…if there’s any french ppl in this forum, sorry to say…you suck

i think there’s one person in this forum.

does he suck…?

i dunno…let’s go see RE after school today. then after we can see the play.

its the plan that itll ultimately come to

here da plan:

kairos return


and then heres what happened at fr longtin’s class

nick was asking why God needed to create ppl to love him, plus if God exists outside of time, how does he “change”…so LL cool J talked abuot how God wanted to create humans to experience the beautiful things he has experience, and in heaven, everything is beatiful…

so heres the quote:

“Heaven is like one giant orgasm.”

so it wasn’t from longtin…

anyway…let’s go see the movie, let’s go see the movie, let’s go see the movie!

LL cool J: Lucien Longtin Cool Jesuit

twas longtin


RE RE RE RE RE RE !~!!!1!~~!~!~!~!~!~!!! if you don’t get a ride, we’re going to union.

as is said in the land before time: “yup yup yup”

no seriously, let’s go right after school.



4 :00…is it on @ pentagon city

i dunno how to check. why don’t you try looking for the times. wait…i thought we weren’t going anymore…plans changed again?