New here and just thought I’d submit my site to see what you guys think.
Crucial Limit


btw my email is [email protected]

:evil: Killer site man. :evil: Its like awesome. To me it looks like you took bites and pieces from sites that i have seen. I love the wipping windows and that sound that goes with it. Just awesome. How long did it take to build it?

Thanks I’m glad you like the site. It took a couple weeks of full development, but a ton of planning ahead of time to get everything the way I wanted. I launched this site back in March of this year. :-\ I didn’t take anything from anybody elses site in fact that’s where most of the planning was. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t using/ripping anybody elses stuff. Not to say it’s all original never seen before techniques, but I made a very consiuos effort to try not to be too influenced by any one site or small group of sites. Everything was created from scratch, nothing you see was done by copying somebody elses technique or files. My goal was to have something unique as a whole, clean, and something that represented my skill and personality.

Thanks again,

I really enjoyed the site! Clean and professional. Very original, yet whats hot is hot so to speak - I think that is where any similarities may be found between your site and others. Great design, oh by the way, awesome color scheme! Great job.


oh one more thing… I was wondering what 3D prog you used for your logo. Currently I use adobe dimensions and I find it to be limiting at times, so I may switch - any input? Thanks


Thank you! I used Swift 3d and Photoshop for the logo. Swift is great and has a small learning curve. Does the uCSB for your location stand for University of Santa Barbara? I grew up there, my family still lives there. I went to San Marcos High School. Anyway Thanks again for the compliments I’m glad you liked the site.


yes UCSB does stand for… well you know. I am entering my 4th year there… love the area, I think it is one of the most beautiful areas in CA. I assumed you were using Swift 3D, Ive never had the pleasure, but the word seems to be that it is soooo easy to use without being confining. I dunno if youve ever used adobe dimensions before, but if you have I wonder if you agree? Anyway nice to talk to a central CA person!!


by the way I really like your sig quote! right up my alley
… possible SOTW - kirupa??? =)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like a possible SOTW to me. I love the site. It does seem to have elements from different sites, but also its own individuality. That is the most important key here…individuality.

It did lag a little on my computer, but my computer sucks, so I am not going to hold that against you.

I am not the one to choose SOTW, but I definitely think this has an extremely good chance.

nice site :slight_smile:

Wow, you really did your logo with Swift and ps? Nice work! Couldn’t see the site though (pentium 120mhz…).

pom :asian:

*Originally posted by ilyaslamasse *
**Wow, you really did your logo with Swift and ps? Nice work! Couldn’t see the site though (pentium 120mhz…).

pom :asian: **

Wow 120 mhz!!?? how do you survive??:nerd: Just kidding. So do you mean you couldn’t get any part of the site to open, or when you hit enter you couldn’t see anything?? It does require a Flash 5 or newer plug-in. I haven’t heard of any other problems accessing the site. Please let me know if your problem persists.

And thank you Gotens and lostinbeta for the kind comments.

Well it lagged a bit on my comp, and my comp is 700mhz (but trust me, it doesn’t seem to be that fast, that is what I get for building my own), so on a 120Mhz, it probably went incredibly slow.

Hey Dave,
Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week. There were tons of cool submissions from this week and the previous weeks, but yours simply had more content and was better overall =)

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:

Kirupa :bandit:

EDIT: I’ll add your link to the site once I get back from school. Sorry for that delay.

Congrats Dave!=)

*Originally posted by kirupa *
**Hey Dave,
Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week. **

Thank you very much!! I am very honored to be chosen as your site of the week.:slight_smile:

Thanks again kirupa and everyone else for the kind comments. I have posted a link back, inside my awards section.


congratulations, really nice site. works really well. :slight_smile:

oh yeah and its good how you planed it. really worked out well. i cant usualy plan very well…most things i make just happen…hehe maybe i should plan more :slight_smile:

No sweat, Dave, I could access the site, but it was just too **** slow. :slight_smile:

And you really have to tell me how you did that neat logo of yours.

pom :slight_smile: