Netscape 7... Anyone tried it?

Not being a fan of the Meglomaniacal MicroSlop, I decided to give the new Netscape 7 a try.:ninja:

I can’t say I am unhappy with it, other than a very minor JavaScript problem.

I have 2 scripts that open a new window and closes the current one, :pirate and now it only closes…:evil:

Glad it is not a big part of my fan base who is going to use it right away:)

Anybody else?


I have Netscape 7.0. Loads faster than 6.2, that is all I have noticed in difference really.

You want me to check out your script to see if I can get the bugger to work in Netscape?

sure, thanks…

I just haven’t wanted to look at it…

Hang on, I’ll go grab it…:bandit:


Ok… I won’t make any promises, but I can give it a whirl!


here it is:

<script language="JavaScript">
function winOpen() {"","demo","height=525,width=700,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resizable=no,titlebar=no,scrollbars=no,fullscreen=no,top=25,left=25")

function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0,winName,features);

the close works…


thanks for trying, I haven’t had any desire to check into this, but if you don’t get it, no worries, I may push this on my prgger brother…:evil:

I need to give him a project anyway…:evil:

keeps him out of trouble:ninja:


[edit by lostinbeta to show code]

Question: Where is the close window part?

I only see 2 open window commands (which doesn’t make sense because the second one is incomplete)

sorry, I assumed you knew the 2nd would be:



Oh ok… sorry.

Working now…

ningĂşn reparto grande :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Rev… one question. What was your method of preventing IE and Netscape launching the alert prompt asking if you are sure you want to close the window?

Well either way, I got it to work.

I used my own method of doing it without being alerted to close the window. This was easier for me to test it.

It works in both Netscape 6+ and IE.

Just check the attachment. There are comment tags through the html file to tell you what each part does.

thanks, sorry about the laps…:x

I was trying to fix something that I had done 2.5 yrs ago…:frowning:

I didn’t have anything for the alert…I was lazy…

Thanks for the script, I really appreciate it…=) works great

so does my brother:evil: even if he doesn’t know it yet…:stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve never liked netscape because it required too much memory. vive l’explorer intérnet!!!

its a different netscape than before…=)


go on…

on my poor old machine…

it actually loads faster than IE6, plus I like the tabs option (allowing me to have multiple pages open in the same instance of the browser) that you can reload all tabs at the same time…=)

it seems to look the same as IE content-wise…:slight_smile:

plus it keeps me away from Outlook:P


Yes, the new Netscape 7 is way better then 6.2, but I still prefer IE over Netscape for multiple reasons.

Glad I could help Rev. I added the no alert script because it got annoying trying to test it in both and to keep getting that alert. So I figured it would also help people who visit your site not to have to get that.

thanks …=)

I never worried about the alert since it never came up…becuase it was never closing the main window, it was always a popup…:-\

But still, thank a mil…my brother thanks you too…:cool: he hates JavaScript:P

so tell me, what are your reasons for liking IE over N7?:nerd:

just courious=)


As a work in progress javascript coder, IE is so much easier to learn with than Netscape.

Netscape doesn’t support crap of javascript and you always have to run an if statement sayin if IE do this and if NS do this, it eventually becomes a pain trying to write 2 completely different functions to work in 2 completely different browsers.

I am trying to code a Javascript drop down menu, and it is a total pain because NS requries Layers while IE requires div tags (much easier with div tags in my opinion). Then I have to run a statement saying if it is Netscape convert this info in a layer if it is IE then convert this info in a div tag. Just a horrible ordeal all around.

Also, IE loads and moves faster on my comp than Netscape does (although the new NS 7 is much faster than 6.2, IE is still faster).

I guess when you get to know the browsers from the “inside” instead of the out, you make your choice. NS definitely makes coding a nightmare for me.

You and your brother are welcome. Javascript isn’t THAT hard to learn, it is DHTML that I am having problems with (which ironically DHTML is a lot like Actionscript)

I didn’t say we didn’t know how to code in JavaScript:nerd:

we both hate coding it becuase of the reasons you mentioned=)

my question was more from the users point of view, :slight_smile: since there will always be more than one standard to code for, in my hymble opinion:P

Remember, we both started coding HTML and JavaScript by hand, back when Netscape was the browser to use
:elderly: and Netscape invented JavaScript:goatee:

I am not promoting either, I’m just glad that there is a viable alternative to IE:cowboy:

and BTW, I hate DHTML with a passion, and yes it is very similar to Action Script… didn’t used to be…:*(