Nintendo and e3

to be fair, nintendo are meeting all expected targets they have set themsleves, people are branding the cube as a failure mainly because its not shifting as many units as the ps2 (which is overwealming). Its not that they are doing bad, they are selling the amounts they predicted - but it just doesnt compare to sonys marketing expertise.

Which is a shame really, because the mainstream dont know what they are missing. Just like everycube owner who will not get a ps2 when it has so much to offer too. For example - ICO , REZ?

Personally though, times are really exiting for anybody who has/wants and cube - beacause the quality of recent and upcoming titles are absoulutly amazing.
Mario , Zelda , Metroid are masterpieces
Mariokart , f -zero or 1080 avalance anybody…


In canada they are no packaging the xbox with the “s-type” controller which is the smaller version or the monstrosity originally developed. I love it - and dont have any problems with my hands fitting it. Some of the buttons are in weird spots and I still think that the GameCube has the most amazing controler but they did a good thing releasing the smaller one.

Mariofan - I am really looking forward to the new 1080 but only if they give it a makeover… look at the videos and screen shots, the thing looks like was devloped for the 64. Take a look at the new shots for Amped 2 for the Xbox - that’s what a next gen snow boarder should look like - and if anyone can pull off the best game in the genre it’s Nintendo :slight_smile:

*mariofan is great becuase he wrote: *
Just like everycube owner who will not get a ps2 when it has so much to offer too. For example - ICO , REZ?

ICO is one of the most beautiful games i have ever played. The visuals brought me to emotional levels of awe.

None of my friends here liked it, which really annoyed me. Just because someone creates a game with a bit of intelligence they dont like it. Uncultured swines!

Some people are so ignorant! Anyone else get that problem?

oh, and the ending…

im going to start it all over again tonight…

That game inspired a lot of my art work you know. after playing it i was drawing little ICO sketches EVERYWHERE! i still do it now. Im gonna play it agin tonite, right after my daily dose of Metroid…