Nintendo and e3

hmm FF Crystal Chronicles?
The new Mario Kart looks interesting =)
And it looks like Kirby finally gets his air ride :stuck_out_tongue:

I read in a games magazine this week that they reckon Nintendo is on the brink of collapse… They’re hoping the new Zelda will save them.

I can’t believe this, not when you think of all the great games Nintendo have produced.

But the GameCube hasn’t been selling well. You wouldn’t believe how cheap these are going for in somewhere like Argos… :slight_smile:

Sen - you beat me too the punch, I was going to post this, this monring :slight_smile:

Mario Kart Double Dash looks like so much fun. And since it is going to be compatible with the new lan plan Nintendo has that means there will be a way to hook it up so you can play it online with your friends, just like Halo :slight_smile: I cannot wait for that game!

Also there is going to be a demo in video form only of the new Metroid. I don’t think it’s going to be as ground breaking as the last 2 have been but I think it will be cool.

I thinking of gettin a gamecube, gonna order it today with zelda i think, a nice limited addition platinum game cube :smiley:

Hey kit - they are going through some hard times right now your right about that, but they are still #2 in the world in Systems sold I belive… seeing as Xbox can’t give their systems away in japan.

But I dont think you will see nintendo ever collapse. They have too much money and they have too many great franchises. But again you are right - there system the gamecube is really getting cheap but companies keep making great games for it - they get mostly all of the great 3 party titles and keep pumping out awesome first party ones.

I know it’s unlikely, but this article was deadly serious. GameCube sales have been poor, certainly here in England. XBox and PS2 were way ahead. I think even PS1 outsold the GameCube (but don’t quote me on that).

It’s picking up now they’ve reduced the prices. Not interested really myself though. The best games from Nintendo were all on the SNES. :slight_smile:

Its sad that the game cube is not selling well, I own all three of the next gen consoles (PS2, GC, XBOX) and it is easily my favourite one. The games on it may not be as numerous as the PS2 collection, but it does boast some of the BEST games out there. Im getting Zelda on friday and i am so excited. I preordered it, which means im getting the bonus disk with the ol’ N64 zelda on it! (starts to drool).

Nintendo will never die, although i beleive they may enventually take the path of Sega and become software only. This isn’t necisarrily a bad thing either. Nintendo make awsome games and if they went multi-format then a greater audience will be able to enjoy their games.

(apologies for my bad spelling by the way,they aint really typos, i just cannot spoll)

…yeah, I can see N taking the software only path. Its too bad because they seem fairly bent on their own hardware - espeically in their take of the N64 cartiridge crisis and now the proprietary ‘mini’ - DVD disc.

Never know though, they might pull through in the next round of systems. Kind of hard to say though because I have a feeling graphics are going to be left up to the imaginations of the developers and not hindered by the limitations of the hardware this next time around. Its almost at that point now.

The issue will be the games - something Nintendo has always had a tight understanding of, and their current great games reflect that.

Nintendo is still alive IMHO becaue of its succes in he handheld market because its last succesfull home console was and will always be the snes, it had so many great games and i think their quality over quantity is ridiculous and makes people buy other consoles to play some great games, i bought a gc because im a big Resident Evil fan i have every RE game on every console, but im happy that capcom has decided to go multiplatform with the game now since it had bad sales this year and plans to market to every console in the market, and have more sales since not everyone can purchase more than 1 console

P.S. the last good console with fresh ideas and innovation IMHO was the almighty sega dreamcast it set the standard with its online gaming, vmus and creative games too bad it didnt get much support in the US :frowning:

Would you believe I’ve never played a Zelda game? :sure: Strange that. Always preferred the FF series from Square. The early ones were on Nintendo, but then they switched to PlayStation. FF7 was the only reason I bought a PS1. Then I got more into some of the other games, and bought a second one and got it chipped. :slight_smile: When PS2 came out, I bought that.

I also own an XBox, but only have three games for that - Mortal Kombat, Halo and Splinter Cell…

I can’t see Nintendo going under, but I can see their popularity waning unless they do something special.

Orange one - you and I could become good friends… :wink:

I know that nintendo won’t die - just look at the hand held market, Nintendo could get out of the console race all together and still make millions :slight_smile: I also read an interview from some of Nintendo’s top officers that they would never get out of the console race - they just make too much money and have too much to offer.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the next console race turns out …

Thanks Sureshot! :slight_smile: hey, who knows. Nintendo are so secretive about their stuff anyway. I just hope that Microsoft get out of the console race. The XBox sucks. Im gonna try and sell mine next week.

Look at it - its huge! You could fit a family of four in there and still have room for guests.

Microsoft have already got ther claws into most others things, so they should leave console gaming to the experts.

(hmm…imagine what the world would be like if Macromedia developed an OS before windows came about…)

See I kind of disagree with the whole “Xbox sucks” thing. I really do like me Xbox and wouldnt really want to sell it - even if for the online games alone, it’s a great system with some huge potential. If you look at all the games that are out for all platforms you will see that like 90% of them are better on Xbox. That proves to me that develpoers really have an easier time working with microsoft’s hardware. The only system that I dont really like is the PS2 - but that’s because I am not interested in the FF series (sorry kit - I hope you can forgive me :frowning: ) or the Grand Theft Auto series. Other than those ones… I can get pretty much any game on I want on either my cube or my xbox.

Either way Video games are sure a hell of a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see what great surprises all the companies have for us at E3 - god bless the internet and quicktime movies! :wink:

I’d like the xbox if the pad was better. Not all games on xbox are better than their PS2 counterparts though. Check out Metal gear on the xbox and then check out he new ps2 version. The PS2 version has loads more stuff.
(although the xbox version had a nce orange theme for its levels)

E3 is awesome. Yet again, im so excited… :beam:

*Originally posted by TheOrangeOne *
I’d like the xbox if the pad was better.

Agreed. I lost all interest in the Xbox after holding one of those behemoths. It was quite a dissappointment :-\

I have major problems with that controller. I’ve only got really little hands, so can barely reach the buttons. :blush:

I don’t own an Xbox, but after playing a couple of hours on my friend’s Xbox I didn’t think the pad was too big or too heavy… The best pad ever was the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) one. :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, GC has the best pad. It fits so my hands so well! (bless)

anyways, the xbox pad. If you got small hands, try and get a japanese pad. They had small pads, as most of them have small hands. I think microsoft released that pad over here too, but won’t bundle it with the xbox unit. That pad is a lot better, but the buttons still feel ‘cluncky’

Imagine if all three major consoles merged, would it be called the ‘Godstation-Box-Cube’?

Nah… PlayBox DreamCube. :slight_smile:

sounds like a bizzare lady-pleasing toy my friend used to have.

how about station-box-play-cube?